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At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
Explore the areas of focus that benefit from every donation.
Explore the areas of focus that benefit from every donation.
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You Are TBT: 19-20 Inspiration Report

You are TBT

TBT dancers Nineh Irving, Adeline Melcher, and Hannah Wood share their thoughts with you.

Institutional Partners are TBT

Institutional partners provide funding, pro bono services, and more to TBT. We want to thank pro bono partner Akin Gump, medical partners Metroplex Performing Arts Medicine and UNT Health Science Center, as well as our agency, Schaefer Advertising. One additional partner, Gittings, has proudly donated a beautiful portrait of Artistic Director Ben Stevenson, O.B.E. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the behind-the-scenes work that led to a beautiful end product that will hang in the TBT building.

Donors are TBT

“We realize how vital the arts are to humanity especially now when people are out of work, depression is so prevalent and despair for our future is setting in. Now more than ever the transformative power of the arts can lift us up and remind us that better tomorrows are not only possible, but certain.” – Dianne and Don Patterson, donors

Act 2 of The Sleeping Beauty - corps de ballet dancers in the background in arabesque, with Aurora and Prince partnering in front.
Alexandra Farber and Jiyan Dai in Ben Stevenson's The Sleeping Beauty, the opening production of the 19-20 season.

With a tremendous show of support on North Texas Giving Day and North Texas Giving Tuesday Now, plus generosity shown in support of reaching matching gift challenges, you support Artistic Director Ben Stevenson’s artistic vision for TBT Company Dancers, Texas Ballet Theater School, in-person and digital content, and our work to increase access to the arts.

School Families are TBT

Texas Ballet Theater School students and instructors shifted from a traditional training experience to a virtual one. Nearly 700 students trained with TBT during the 2019-2020 season and summer programming.

In January 2020, TBT opened a new location in Dallas County, continuing a long tradition of ballet training and the ability to now serve the community in a broader way.

A message from one of our TBTS families:

“I would love to tell you how thankful and impressed I am with your response to the COVID crisis. TBT has been the most proactive and innovative of all schools and organizations we are involved with. My ballerina is engaged in class and active every day. You put a plan in place right away and, while the academic schools were still scrambling to regain the footing, you started connecting with students. The class offering keeps growing and I’m even grateful for history enrichment lectures. Thankful for you guys. Praying for your safety, provision, and rich reward for your hard efforts!” – Cisco Family

CityDance Students are TBT

This video will make you smile. CityDance brings the joy of ballet to our community. It might look a bit different this season, but in 2019-2020, CityDance programs impacted nearly 1,000 children in North Texas. You know the joy you feel when you move, and the smiles on the faces in this video will fill you with joy.

“Many of our students are not able to attend these kinds of classes or programs outside of school because their families cannot fit it into their budgets. I love to walk by these students taking ballet lessons and see the smiles on their faces.” – Michele Gustin, teacher at Brock Elementary, Burleson ISD

You are TBT

Created in March 2020, the TBT Relief Fund directly impacts the current and future sustainability of TBT through dancer and staff salaries, artistic productions, and general operations. TBT has received gifts from hundreds of people, and we are grateful. Learn more by visiting the special TBT Relief Fund page.

A message from Whitney Strauss, Board of Governors:

“Initially, my interest in TBT was because of my love and passion for ballet. As the resident ballet company of both Dallas and Fort Worth, I really wanted to support TBT and continue bringing incredible ballet to our local community. That is evident from the artistic beauty of the choreography and talent of the dancers on stage which is competitive with any major ballet company in the world.

However, I have become even more actively involved with TBT because of what TBT brings to all of us – accessibility. TBT brings ballet into our communities – to everyone, in every neighborhood, and at any age in a commitment to ensure that everyone has access to experience and learn ballet whether it be at their local elementary school, a community program or through one of the TBT schools – most of whom would otherwise never have that opportunity. The commitment to excellence on the stage and ensuring everyone can enjoy ballet makes TBT truly unique, special, and something worthy of all of our support.” – Whitney Strauss, Board of Governors

Two pointe shoes positioned with ribbons creating a heart


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