At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
Explore the areas of focus that benefit from every donation.
Explore the areas of focus that benefit from every donation.
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TBT Relief Fund

Turnout for Tomorrow

To donate, click here.

Since March, Texas Ballet Theater (TBT) has faced significant organizational challenges head on. The immediate outpouring of support and encouragement from our patrons has been invaluable for finding our footing during the early phase of the Relief Fund, and we extend our most heartfelt gratitude. As public health circumstances for the community continue to evolve, so do Texas Ballet Theater’s priorities for innovation and creative opportunities to provide excellent and quality programming to an expanded and diverse audience. To date, TBT continues to:

However, the revenue losses to Texas Ballet Theater have been significant, and our financial situation continues to be dire as we enter the new fiscal year. This next phase of the Relief Fund will be imperative to TBT’s ability to continue creating exciting programming that engages our community and creates the necessary revenue to sustain operations.

We ask that you continue to join us in our efforts and come together as we work to Turnout for Tomorrow. Your donations to the Relief Fund, engagement with our online programming, and subscriptions for the 2020-2021 season will allow Texas Ballet Theater to lift our community through recovery and beyond.

Most Sincerely,

Ben Stevenson, O.B.E., Artistic Director | Vanessa Logan, Executive Director

Ready to Turnout for Tomorrow?

Gifts to the TBT Relief Fund will directly impact the current and future sustainability of TBT through:

  • Dancer and Staff Salaries
  • Artistic Productions
  • General Operations

To donate, contact:
Barbara Reynolds, Development Associate- 877.828.9200 x111

You can also mail a check to: 1540 Mall Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76116; or click here to give online.

In addition to recognition on this page, donors will receive benefits in alignment with TBT’s giving levels.


CARES Act- Enhanced Tax Benefits for Charitable Gifts:

  • Ability to deduct up to $300 of cash contributions to charities, regardless of whether the individual itemizes deductions.
  • Individuals: For those who itemize their deductions for charitable giving, the 50% of adjusted gross income limit is suspended for 2020.
  • Corporations: The 10% limit on charitable contributions is increased to 25% of taxable income.

TBT Relief Fund Supporters

All donors supporting TBT during the COVID-19 crisis, including event-converted donors, performance ticket-converted donors, tuition-converted donors, major gifts, and TBT Relief Fund donors as of July 31, 2020.

Danielle Aarseth
Dr. Linda Abraham-Silver
Raul Acevedo
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Adams
Katherine & Robert Agostino
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
Patricia Alexandeer
Cheryl Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Alexander, Jr.
Shan Zhang & Richard Allen
Mike & Tracy Alvarez
Raquel Amparo
Charles & Sandy Anker
Mrs. Bernard S. Appel
Laura & Thomas Arbour
Robin Worthington Arena
Dr. & Mrs. Keith Argenbright
Ann U. Armbrister
Claire Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arthur
Arts Council of Fort Worth
Leilani & Doc Ashbaugh
Paula Asinof
Deborah Avellano
Dori Badura
Mr. & Mrs. Baggenstos
Paul & Angela Ballard
Robin Bangert
Kristine A. Baraks
Lindsay Barbee
Danica Barker
Mary Jane Barnes
Jil & Brad Barnes
Missy Barras
Marie Barrett & George Shaw
Darlene Barry
Analynn Bartlett
Robin L. Barton
Anne T. & Robert M. Bass
Anne T. & Robert M. Bass Foundation
Mercedes T. Bass
Ryan & Jessica Bates
Brian Bauernschmitt & Jacqueline Ford
Baxter Family
Donna Bayhi
Mr. & Mrs. John Franklin Beadles
Connie Beck
Jeanice Beeson
Cynthia Belden
Kyle Belitz
Wendy Wade Bell
Abby Bello
Hilarie Benedetto
Leslie Berry
Lise & Tom Bessant
Nicole Skarakis & Michael Beste
Heather Bjerke
Charles & Donna Black
Ralph & Jo Blackburn
Ms. Michelle Blair
Lynsey Blair
Anne & Peter Blount
Carly Boaz
Katy & Lawrence Bock
Mrs. Crystal Bolander
Ashley Bomm
Donald W. Bonneau
Bob & Julie Borhofen
Annzelle L. Boswell
Bowdon Family Foundation
Douglas Boyer
Linda & Chad Bradford
Paula Brady
Janine Brand
Lucy Brants
Anne Marie & Doug Bratton
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Bratton
Shields Bray
Lynda G. & Art Brender
Diane & Hal Brierly
Deborah Bright
Diana Scudder Briner
Christina Brinker
Kenny Brock
Mai Brock
Paula & Robert Brockway
Allison Brodnax
Bridget Brown
Michael & Maki Brown
Roy Brown
Gillian & Sarah Brown
Kathie Bruce
Dennis & Mechele Buckels
The Buckmaster Family
Cindy Buckner
John & Faith Burke
Tasia Burns
Harriet Burrow
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Butt
Laura & Greg Byrne
Brittany Campbell
Tara Campbell
Maria Capua
Catherine Carlson
Mr & Mrs. Clint D. Carlson & The Carlson Foundation
Kelsi Carpenter
Catherine A. Carr
Margaret Carroll
Amon G. Carter Foundation
Mary Cauble
Tim & Joy Chambers
Ann Chancey
Alison Chang
Alicia Chavez
Jessica and Nicolas Chavez
Natalia Chavez
Hsini Cheng
Laurin & Mason Chevaillier
Jane A. Childers
Stephanie Childs
Dr. Lincoln & Mrs. Patricia Chin
Angie Cirino
Marla Citty
Chandler Clark
Hon. H.D. Clark III and Peggy Sue Branch-Clark
Joanna Clarke
Anne Clay
Lesley Cleary
Carla Cochran
Linus Cockrill
Kit Cohorn
Rose Cole
Wendy Collini
Linda W. Collins
John Colotta
Diane & Shandon Colter
David Colville
Camille Comeau & Jay Herbert
Elizabeth Contreras
Jeany Cooper
Merrill Copp
Annabelle Corboy
Donna N. Corder
Ruth Cottrell
Bradley and Jennifer Cox
Michelle Cox
Travis Cox
Jenny Crabtree
Andrew George Cripps
Cynthia Crites
Leah Croker
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Crosby
Mr. David Cruze and Dr. Robin Rosen
Sherri & Michael Cuba
Dina Fay Culberson
Melanie Curl
Mr. & Mrs. William Cyrus
Elizabeth & Brian Dahm
Megan Dallas
Law Office of Rachel E. Dalton
Ava Damri
Ashley Dana
Kimberly Daniel
Juana Rosa & Ron Daniell
Laura Daniels
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Darden
Deborah David
Sarah Davis
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Davis
Mr. Adam and Dr. Adrianne Deem
Christiana DeLaRue
Fides De Leon
Michael De Luca
Rachel DeMoss
Dr. & Mrs. Ivan M. DeQuesada II
Drs. Jeffrey & Rosemary Detweiler
Lisa & David Diffley
Andrew Dillon
Iria & Erik Doescher
Deborah Dominey
Don Dowling
Judy & John Dryden
DuBose Family Foundation
Tori Adams & Jim DuBose
Christopher & Monica Ducic
Kerry Dueholm
Dana Duithit
Beth Duncan
Erica & Darin Duncan
Judith & Robert Dunn
Jenny & Rob Dupree
Patty J. Eddins
John and Barrett Edstrom
Cass Edwards
Haylee Edwards
Sara & William Edwards
Kristen & Brian Eilerts
Laura Jo Ekey
Kelly & Jonathan Elifson
Rachel Emond
Bobby English, Jr.
Elizabeth & Raymond Enstam
Mr. & Mrs. Marc N. Epstein
Dee R. Evans
Mark Evans
Mary & Will Evans
Tia & Todd Ewert
Hannah Fain
Mr. and Ms. Alexandra Farber
Mrs. Hedrick Fender
Mr. and Mrs. David Fertitta
Nicole & Leonard Firestone
Jill Fischer
Nannette & Tracy Fitz
Flack Family
Danielle Flori
Curtis Fortinberry
Janet & William Frame
Kathryn Frank
Nancy Franks
Todd Fratt
Llewellyn Frazier
Deborah Freed
John W. Freeman
Jessica M. Freitas
Randolph Friend
Frost Bank
Michelle Galbreath
Nancy Burton Gale
Carol & John Galloway
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Garcia
Mary Lynn Peterson Garrett
Garvey Texas Foundation
Tera & Richard Garvey
Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Gatewood II
Teresa Gattis
Kaki Gemmell
Stefani & Eric Gentry
Sara & David George
Kathleen Erin Gerber
Patti Gervey
Lynne Gibbon
Melanie Gibson
Terri Gill
Erin Ginsburg
Gittings Portraiture

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glassmoyer
Laila Minder Gleason
Lisa Godasi
Nicholas & Alice Godbey
Teresa & Jim Godsey
Diane J. Goldsmith & Linda M. Doran
Kristal E. Gonzales
Catalina Gonzalez
Marcos & Shannon Gonzalez
Janet Good
Ryan D. Gorsche
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Goss
Rob & Gabrielle Grafrath
Amanda H. Grantham
Sherri & Leroy Green
Susie & Robert Green
Dr. Adelaide Griffin
Roger Griffin
Abbey Griffin
Hans Grim
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Grote
Lizbeth Gutierrez
Olen Gutierrez
Theresa Guy-Tippie
Debra Haddock
The Haley Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. David Haley
Charles Hall
Martha Hallgren
Mr. & Mrs. David Hamburg
Amy Hand
Judith A. Hankins
Melissa Hanson
Sarah & Shawn Hardy
Harriet & Paul Harral
Alethea & Kent Harrington
Tracy Harris
Stephanie & Raymond Harrison
Arusyak Harutyunyan
Marianne Hatsell
Nancy Haubert
Alan Hausman
Lisa Hawkins
Laura Hayes
Deke Hayes
The Haygood Family
Dr. Jennifer C. Heath
Isabel Hebert
Madeline Heine
Nancy & Michael Henderek
Pam Heston
Kim & Greg Hext
Jennie Heym
Lisa & Forrest Hibbard
Lauren & Seth Hickman
Claire & Tim Hicks
Jessica Hill
Jan Smith
Sara & Jeff Hood
Hood Family
Michelle A. Hopkins
Tom Hornischer
Rebekah Horton
Ms. Kristin Horven
Cindy House
Dr. Michelle K. House
Marisa Howard
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Howell
Michelena Howl
Elaine Hsieh
April Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W. Hughes
L. Keith Hughes
Lauren K. Hummer
Kathleen Humphrey
Hunter Family
Donald Huschle
Denise Hux
Siobhan Hyland & Ivan Chittenden
Kari Hyotala
Dr. Susan Iannaccone
Sean & Diana Ibanez
Adele Ichilian
Kyle A. Istook
Kirk Jackson
Mike Jackson
Mrs. Marcia Jacobs
Mark E. Jacobs
Michael M. James
Rebecca & Jim Jameson
Bill Jerdee
Mr. & Mrs. William Jobes
Benny Joe
Diana & Hunter B. Johnson
Mr. Kent B. Johnson and Mrs. Jennifer Conley
Lydia E. Johnson
Everette Johnston
David & Julie Jones
Kate Judson
The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc.
Alison Henrion Kaplinsky
Christine Karpeles
Martha Kegley
Dr. Sarah Kelbel
Jennifer & Michael Kellam
Lt. Colonel & Mrs. Charles D. Kelley
Carolyn Kennington
Mr. & Mrs. James Kerrigan
Patricia Key
Ann Kimball
Kimbell Art Foundation
Lisbeth Kimbell
Johanna Kimpland
Jean & Don King
Kathryn King
Cheryl & Craig Kinney
Mr. & Mrs. John Kleinheinz
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Krick
Julia Kuhn
Whitney & Greg Lachar
Cece Smith & Ford Lacy
Michelle Lainson
Melanie M. Laird
Steven Lamb
Kevin Lamb
Daniel Lamers
Bill & Janeen Lamkin
Regan Landreth
Emily Landry
Elizabeth L. Landy
Leslie R. Lane
Tracy & Ben Lange
Misti Langley
The Larsen Family
Jack Larson
Sheryl & Richard Latham
Brent Latimer
Colleen Lauless
Catherine H. Lauterbach
Ms. Ann Lawrence
Frances Lawrence
Lauri A. Lawrence
Michele Leach
Maureen & Terry LeBoeuf
Denise Ledbetter
Stephanie Ledgerwood
Dawn Lee
Wendy Lee-Graham
Richard & Sharon Leezer
Lauren Leising
Janine LeMaster
Cheryl T. Lemmons
Suzy & Matt LeSage
Tracy Lilly
Teresa M. Lindsey
Linda Lipscomb
Brooke & John Lively
Christy & Bryan Livingstone
LKCM Headwater Investments
Dr. and Mrs. S. David Lloyd
Vanessa Logan
Beth & Alex Long
Jeanne & Brian Lott
Britt & Pete Luby
Anna Luedecke
Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Lummis
Maria Lummus
Stuart & Theresa Lumpkins
Lorraine & John Luna
Alexander Douglas Lyle
Fred & Nana Madden
Amanda R. Madsen
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Mallory
Ellen Malone
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Malone
Ms. Libby J. Manning
David Mantle
Susan Maraglino
Mr. & Mrs. C. Andrew Marcus
Arusyak Markarian
Dr. & Mrs. Scott Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martichuski
Ashley Martin
Bill Martin
Julie J. Martin
Lindsay Martin
Melissa Martin
Priscilla & Joe Martin
Julia Marut
Jeanne Mason-Howerton
Harris Masterson
Carmen Mathe-Finn
Alison Matis
Julie A. Matt
Mr. & Mrs. Moore Matthews III
Nancy Maxwell
Erica & Dan McCarthy
Patrick McClanahan
Marguerite McClinton
Brenda & Howard McClurkin
Erin & Tucker McCord
McDonald Enterprises, Inc.
Leesa McElroy
Ms. Muriel McGuire
Judy McMahon
John & Kari McMillin
Mr. and Mrs. William Meadows
Kevin Medrano
Whitney & James Meintjes
Stephanie Merry
Frederick Mesch
Ellen Messman
Wesley S. Middleton
Barbara Miller
Cheryl & Rick Miller
Erin Miller & Family
Maribeth & Robert Miller
Teresa Miller
Mr. & Ms. Van Miller
Marianne Minnehan
Elise Mitchell
Marjorie Mobley
Carrie & Mike Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo N. Moreno
Joe Moreno
Ashley Morgan
Mr. Lynn Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Morrill
Lauren & Aaron Moses
Arlene Mosiniak
Regina & Ricardo Moyano
Laura Moynihan
Nicole Mueller
Dr. Partha Mukherji
M. Mukhtarian
Michael Mullins
Jessica Murphy & Kenneth Brewer
Denise Myers
Deidre Myers
Stanislav Nedzelskyi
Vicki Needham
Chad Nelson
Justin & Vynessa Nemunaitis
Charles & Kathie Neuenschwander
Michelle Niccoli
Suzanne Marie Nolan
David Nolet

Northern Trust Bank
Bryan Nyary
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nyman
Elle Oberdick
Kelly & Timothy O’Connor
Julie Oda
Isabel Olivas
Janet Ormberget
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Orr
Virginia Orr
Dr. Angelo & Mrs. Julie Otero
Jerri Beth Palmer
Rachel E. Parish
Debbie Parker
Donna & James Parker
Louise & Robert Parsley
Dianne & Don Patterson
Margaret Patzer
Monica Paul
Flavia Paulino
Kathryn Payn
Katrina Peebles
Juanita Pena
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pereira
Carla Perez
Dr. Frank R. Pérez
The Family of Margot Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Hunt Pettit
Angela & William Petty
Rebecca Petty
Betty Peveler
Tina & Bart Phillips
Pat Pierce
Pam & Reed Pigman/Texas Jet
Claudia & Scott Pingsterhaus
Chrystin & Lonnie Pleasants
Lisa Poe
Marianne Pohle
Janna Poland
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Porter
Elizabeth W. Porterfield
Ms. Allison Jennings Poston
Leo Potishman Foundation, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Trustee
Janis and Kristyn Potter
Ginny Potthoff
Boyd Powell
Tara & Leonard Powell
Mr. and Mrs. David Prater
Suzanne L. Jary & Eric Pratt
Kimberly Prebe
Emmy Lou Prescott
Lisa Preston
Rubria & Theodore Price
Chelsea Prokay
Shlomit Baer Proter
The Queen Family
Margaret Radle
Ms. Julia Ramey
Courtney Ray
Mary Ashley Ray
Diane Redmon
George Reed
Dr. Audrey Remley
Martha Parshall Richards
Jennifer Richter
Milissa Riggs
Stella & James Robertson
Matt T. Robertson
Cass H. Rodgers
Betzaida Rodriguez
Gene Roe
Betzaida Rodriguez
Dolores & Cullen Rogers
Steven Rogers
Dina R. Rogiers
Anna Rol
The Rollings Family
Mitchell Roper
Sarah Rose
Janet R. A. Rosell
Madolin & Ben Rosenthal
Rosalyn G. Rosenthal
Kristy Rundle
Jennifer & Thomas Russell
Sheri Russell
Steven & Cindy Russell
Paige & Bob Russey
Eamonn Ryan
Ms. Capera Ryan
Ms. Deborah Ryan
Lisa Ryan
Thomas M., Helen McKee & John P. Ryan Foundation
Elmer G. Sackman, Jr.
Johnis Saczynski
Akiko & Takahiko Sagawa
Pamela Salvador
Marta A. Santiago
Heather Romine & Mo Sathyamoorthy
Keira Scanks
Ken Schaefer
Karen Schroeder
Jennifer Schultz
Paige Schultz
Reatha Scott
Lyle Seals
Lorraine  Sear & John McCafferty
Amy Seery
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Selzer
Betty & Dale Selzer
Ms. Betsy Senter
Missy & Mark Serum
Terri & Greg Sexton
Marcella Shannon
Jaedeanne Shaver
Dan & Patty Shaw
Mary & Todd Shipman
Melissa Schultz
Minette Sicard
Susan Siderovski
Suzanne & Sergei Sidorenko
Cynthia & Terry Siegel
Eric & Becca Sigmund
Susan Simone
Denise & Nathanael Smilie
Barbara Burnett Smith & Tom Smith
Devon & Rory Smith
Karen Smith and Jay Jerrier
Ken Smith
Laurel Smith
Mary Alice Demon Smith
Michaela Smith
Robert Smith
Shannon & Jason Smith
Susan Smith
Denise & David Snipes
Solberg Family
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry A. Solcher
Sunie & Steve Solomon
Don & Mary Sonom
Dr. & Mrs. Walter Sorokolit
Adrian & Thomas Sovik
Carla & Joseph Sparrow
Melissa Staheli
Leisha & Kenny Stamps
Lexa Stecko
Seed Family
Rose Steeg Dessommes
Sage A. Steele
Israel & Sarah Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sterling
Karen M. Stetler
Nancy Stevens
Ben Stevenson, O.B.E.
Curt H. Stiles, Ph.D.
Juli & David Stopper
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Stratton
Whitney & Robert Strauss
Janet Stripling
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Thomas Strom
Kayana Sullivan
Roxanna and Andrew Sutherland
Greg & Julie Suttich
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Sykes
Sykes Family
TACA, Inc.
Monica L. Tenhunen
Texas Instruments Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Thalken
Andrea Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Elaine Thompson
Oleta & John Thompson
Rachel & Theo Thompson
Ginny & Joe Tigue
Julie A. Tiller
Robert & Louisa Tillson
Justin Todd
Michael & Emily Todd
Alexandra Tolar
Marc & Erica Tomlinson
Ms. Sherry Tooker
Arielle Tovin
Chau Ngoc Tran
Joan Treadwell
Basilia Trejo
Mitzi Tsukahara
Erin Tucker
Jean N. Tully
Lance Turri
Leslie & Mel Ulrich
Kateryna Ulyashynska
United Way of Tarrant County
Virginia Adele Urban
Melinda Vance
Sarah Vandament
Geraldine Veilleux
Gayle Veitenheimer
Kellie Vendt
Michelle Ventress
Dorothy & Robert Verhalen
Dianna Vitanza
Joseph & Debra Von Enck
Terri & Dean Wade
Elva Wagner
Sara & Peter Wahl
Andrew Walker
Kara Walker
Karla Walker
Lisa & Aaron Wallace
Bradley Walls
Mrs. F. Howard Walsh, Jr.
Alice L. Walton Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Walton
Alane & Mark Wanda
Patricia & Robert Warakomsky
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Ward, Jr.
Janet Ward
John Warren
Valerie & Rob Watson
Mark Weaver
Melissa E. Weaver
Nikki & Crayton Webb
Valerie Wehmeyer
Kathleen Weidler
Georgia Welton
Megan Werner
Jan & Richard West
Kameron & Court Westcott
Mary Lou & Rex White
Brenda S. Wilkerson
The Wilkins Family
Brittny Williams
Carol E. Williams
Dana & Wes Williams
Karen & Tom Williams
Lori Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Williamson
Erin & Todd Williamson
Roger C. Williamson
Lyn Willis
Lindsey Willison
Richard Wills
Kerri Withee
Suzanne & Robert Wood
Tisha & Lewis Woodard
Cyndi & Shawn Woodward
Dr. & Mrs. Phil Wortley
Candice & Adam Wright
Deborah K. Wright
Linda Yanchuck
Alice Y. Yeh
Verlin Yoder
Christine Yoon
Mr. and Mrs. Koichiro Yoshimoto
Deidre Yuknavich
Diane Zubalsky