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At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
At the Heart of Our Company is Our Community
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Explore the areas of focus that benefit from every donation.
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Firebird Stream – Performance Details – April 24-25, 2020

We hope you enjoy Texas Ballet Theater’s live stream of Firebird! You can watch the ballet via YouTube from the comfort of your home at 8 pm Central Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Visit TBT’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

Performance details are listed below, including credits, the cast, and a synopsis of the ballet.

Firebird | World Premiere Performance | February 14, 2020
Choreography by: Ma Cong
Set and Costume Design by: Emma Kingsbury
Lighting Design by: David Finn
Costume Construction by: Royal New Zealand Ballet Costume Department; Parkinson Gill Theatrical Costumiers
Music: “Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky; performed by Philharmonia Orchestra and conducted by Robert Craft; courtesy of Naxos of America, Inc.

The Firebird: Katelyn Clenaghan
Prince Ivan Tsarevich: Andre Silva
Koschei: Carl Coomer
Thirteenth Princess: Alexandra Farber

The Twelve Princesses: Rieko Hatato, Allisyn Hsieh Caro, Charis Alimanova, Amanda Fairweather, Laura Gruener, Cara Shipman, Paige Nyman, Dara Oda, Katelyn Rhodes, Hannah Wood, Michelle Taylor, Ruth Langill

Stone Princes: Dustin Geradine, Alexander Kotelenets, Kyle Torres-Hiyoshi, Valentin Batista, Jomanuel Velazquez, Brett Young

Koschei’s Minions: Alex Danna, Daniel Kubr, Akihiro Yoshimoto, Riley Moyano, Adam Phillips, Philip Slocki, Beñat Andueza Molina, Henry Winn

Mother: Michelle Taylor
Father Figure: Cristian Jimenez
A Man: David Schrenk
Museum Ladies: Allisyn Hsieh Caro, Hannah Wood, Charis Alimanova, Rieko Hatato


On a cold, calm evening, a girl and her mother visit a beautiful sculpture garden. The girl has her favorite book, The Firebird, in hand. As she admires the garden around her, she and another visitor, a photographer, run into each other and the book falls to the ground. The photographer picks up the book for the girl, but her mother hurries her away from him, a stranger. As the mother and daughter continue through the garden, they find a swing where they stop to relax. The mother steps away and the girl starts to doze off. Suddenly, the world around her transforms into the magical world of Firebird. The girl is swept into the story, losing her scarf in the process, and becomes the thirteenth princess under the evil sorcerer Koschei’s spell.

Prince Ivan is lost in an enchanted garden and discovers a mystical Firebird, plucking golden apples from the tree in the center of the garden. He captures her, but she begs for her life and he releases her. In exchange for her freedom, the Firebird gives Ivan a magic feather, which he can use to summon her if he is ever in danger.

The Firebird shows Ivan a castle, home of the evil and immortal sorcerer Koschei. Thirteen princesses, all under the sorcerer’s spell, are out on the castle grounds collecting golden apples. They are surprised by the appearance of Ivan, who is immediately taken with the thirteenth princess, Tsarevna. Ivan promises to rescue Tsarevna and everyone trapped by Koschei, including six princes who have been turned to stone, by breaking his spell.

Koschei and his minions suddenly appear and Ivan begins to battle these forces of evil. Ivan is nearly overtaken by Koschei, but just as the sorcerer is about to turn Ivan into stone, Ivan remembers the magic feather and calls upon the Firebird. She then takes charge of the battle, leading the princesses to strike back and help in the fight against Koschei. The Firebird uses every last bit of her power to bewitch Koschei and his minions, putting them in a deep sleep.

The Firebird leads Ivan and Tsarevna to a magic egg, where Koschei hides his soul in order to remain immortal. Ivan destroys the egg with his bow and arrow, causing the entire dark world to collapse. Those who were held under Koschei’s grip are freed and peace returns to the world. The princes and princesses celebrate their freedom and Prince Ivan and Tsarevna realize their love for each other.

As the girl awakens, her dreamland fades away and she finds herself back in the sculpture garden with her mother. The photographer returns, her scarf in hand. He returns the scarf and the two share a look, realizing they know each other beyond their quick meeting in the sculpture garden.