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Fort Worth Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee: $50 per student or $75 per family

Class Level

Annual Payment

(10% Discount)

Fall Semester

(5% Discount)

Spring Semester

(5% Discount)

9 Installments
Boys Class* $324 $152 $190 $40
Open Jazz-TBTS** $324 $152 $190 $40
Open Jazz Non-TBTS $486 $228 $285 $60
Creative Movement 3yr $502 $236 $295 $62
Creative Movement 4yr $551 $258 $323 $68
Creative Movement 5yr $551 $258 $323 68
Level 1A & 1B $689 $323 $404 $85
Level 1A & 1B-2x/week $1013 $475 $594 $125
Level 2a &2B $1013 $475 $594 $125
Level 3A $1256 $589 $736 $155
Level 3B $1580 $741 $926 $195
Level 4A $2066 $969 $1211 $255
Level 4B $2187 $1026 $1283 $270
Level 5A $2349 $1102 $1378 $290
Level 5B $2471 $1159 $1449 $305
Adv. 1,2,3 $2673 $1254 $1568 $330

* Boys Class tuition will be waived for boys enrolled in a second class.

**Open Jazz class will be discounted for students enrolled in ballet class. 

Family Discounts : We offer an additional 15% off the tuition fees listed above for additional family members (for discount purposes, the student in the highest level is considered the "first student").

Auto Draft : We offer an additional $5 per month discount for tuition payments made by automatic bank draft (per account, not per child). Due to processing fees, we cannot offer the same discount for credit card/debit card charges.

Spring Performance Fee:

This fee covers the cost associated with presenting the Spring Performances, including theater rental, staging, lighting, costumes and other production expenses. Generally, lower level students can expect to pay around $70 each, while advanced level students will pay approximately $105 each. Students who choose not to participate in the Spring Performance do not pay the performance fee. ** Note that this fee does not cover the entire cost of costuming; therefore, all costumes remain the property of Texas Ballet Theater.


Important Information

Tuition is based on the class level in which the student is enrolled. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. Students are responsible for tuition the entire year. Full tuition is due for students who choose not to participate in the Spring Performances. Students with outstanding account balances are not eligible for re-enrollment until outstanding payments are paid. Students who enroll after the beginning of the regular year may receive a pro-rated tuition rate. There are no credits for classes missed and no make-up classes offered. Reimbursements are not given for classes missed for vacations or school functions. Students are obligated for a full semester’s tuition even if they withdraw before the end of the session. Tuition credits may be applied to the following semester in the event students must withdraw from classes due to a prolonged illness or injury verified by a doctor’s written confirmation. Texas Ballet Theater School must be informed in writing if a student decides to discontinue classes.


  Payment Options

Annual- Due in one payment by August 1, 2014. Includes 10% discount. 

2 Semesters- Due in two payments on August 1, 2014 and January 5, 2015. Includes a 5% discount. 

9 Installments- Due on the first of the month, August 1, 2014, through April 1, 2015. Students who enroll after September first will make their final payment on May 1, 2015. The annual tuition is divided into nine equal payments, so no discount is given for partial months. 


Payment Policies

Registration Fee- A $50 registration fee is due for each student (or $75/family) at the time of enrollment. 

Late Fees- All payments are due on the first (or first weekday) of each month. Accounts that have not been paid by the 7th of the month will incur a $10 late fee. 

Withdrawals- You are responsible for tuition for the full school year. You must notify us in writing if your child will be withdrawing from the program. At that time, all past due tuition is still due. Students who withdraw will NOT receive a refund. However, we will credit to the following semester in the event that a student must withdraw from classes due to a prolonged illness or injury. 

No-Refund Policy- TBTS will not refund tuition payments or registration fees for any reason. Refunds will not be given for missed or cancelled classes. 


Additional Discounts

Early Registration- Families who register BEFORE May 23 will have their $50 registration fee credit towards August tuition

Family- Additional children in the same family will receive a 15% discount. For discount purposes, student in the highest level is considered the "first student". Family discount does not apply to drop-in or special classes. 

Bank Draft- Accounts paid via automatic bank check will receive a $5 per month discount (per family). You are responsible for setting this up through your bank every month. Due to processing charges, we cannot offer the same discount for accounts set up to auto charge credit cards. 

**Our preferred methods of payment are bank draft or credit card auto charges. Otherwise, we kindly ask you to pay by check or cash to help the ballet avoid costly credit card fees**